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Advanced Manufacturing

Development and implementation of solutions for industry

Omega7 Systems develops and implements solutions that meet the diverse demands of advanced manufacturing.

Advanced Automation

We design automation systems for Industry 4.0, taking into account the performance and gains generated.

We integrate digital technologies into existing production and management processes, dealing with manufacturing complexity in a systemic and integrative way, providing information and process intelligence to improve the competitiveness of industry.

Integrating NI systems with LabView

As a National Instruments Alliance Partner, Omega7 Systems is highly skilled in working with National Instruments systems.

The company integrates systems using NI technologies, maintains machines with controllers coded in LabVIEW, modernizes machines using NI technologies, and can provide consultancy on software development using LabVIEW.

Located in São José dos Campos in the Paraíba Valley, we provide industrial maintenance services for machines with LabVIEW control systems throughout the region.

Using Systems Engineering at the start of projects, we can support the design and development of complex control, test and monitoring systems using National Instruments technologies. Supporting from system conception to validation and acceptance.

Modernization of machinery

One of the major demands met by Omega7 Systems is the modernization of industrial machinery.

Meeting the requirements of increasing production efficiency, reducing cycles and waste in manufacturing processes, and integrating electromechanical machines into the digital world or industrial networks, Omega7 Systems carries out all the design, execution and commissioning of machine modernization.

Also known as “retro-fit”, the possibilities for modernization range from improving controls and adding process regulating transducers and actuators, to completely redefining test operations and greatly reducing cycle execution times.

If you need to upgrade a machine to improve its operation or monitoring, don’t hesitate to contact Omega7 Systems.

Industrial machine construction

Omega7 Systems builds customized industrial machines, mainly machines for testing parts and equipment at the end of the production of these items.

Industrial test systems must be reliable, precise and flexible, allowing improvements and changes to be made as the items produced and tested change. Omega7 Systems, making extensive use of National Instruments systems, is able to supply test systems with very high operating efficiency and an easy operating interface.

The use of technologies such as LabVIEW allows Omega7 Systems to create interfaces, supervisory systems and integrate the machines into any production management and control system without adding layers of other systems, and in a secure way.

We design, develop, deploy and commission industrial machines for different sectors of industry.

Monitoring system

Omega7 Systems designs and implements monitoring systems for machines, equipment and devices.

We design customized systems, usually strongly linked to the improvement of machines and processes. Monitoring these machines and systems allows us to obtain information from the shop floor, making it easier to solve production problems.

We design customized systems or offer the Omega7 Systems Smart Monitor solution. Get to know the solution!

Hardware-in-the-loop testing systems

One of our main specialties is the construction of hardware-in-the-loop test systems. These systems integrate a data acquisition and control system with simulation software, for testing systems and equipment where the dynamics of the item being tested are important to the test result.

Inertial, mobile and “non-causal” systems are examples of systems where a functional test is not suitable for validation. By integrating simulation and functional testing, hardware-in-the-loop testing is able to support the verification and validation of dynamic and real-time systems in a complete way, for validated fulfillment of functional and test requirements from the design and development phases to the maintenance stages of operating systems.

The acquisition and control system connects to the item being tested, can collect its outputs and stimulate it as if it were operating in the field, and runs a simulation to bring the system to the correct state for testing or data acquisition for report generation.

We design and implement hardware-in-the-loop test systems in different areas.

Using National Instruments technologies, we deliver ready-to-use systems with the flexibility to easily expand and change to suit new projects, maximizing the value of the test system.

Industrial testing systems

We deliver test and data acquisition systems for test automation in industry, laboratories and field operations.

Our test systems can be delivered as benches, panels, mobile racks or portable cases. In industrial configurations or ruggedized for operation in the harshest environmental conditions and with high test reliability and repeatability.

Smart sensors

We develop smart sensors capable of collecting data in hard-to-reach places in industry and in the field.

We design dedicated electronics for a smart sensor or use market solutions to accomplish the task. The value delivered and the cost-benefit ratio define the path to be followed.

Find out more about our equipment solutions and contact us to develop a special application.

Portable Test Systems: Omega7 FNT

Test automation and data acquisition systems for industry in portable case configuration. Robust system for field operation with high reliability and precision, and allowing extensive customization and software functionalities.

FNT systems incorporate hardware, electrical circuits and interfaces to control equipment and take measurements in industrial systems. They can be used for field maintenance, testing systems in the laboratory and field, and acquiring data from machines and equipment on a temporary basis with rapid deployment. FNT systems enable excellent mobility, flexibility and low operating costs.

FNT systems can be fully operational, i.e. contain a computer internally and only need to provide the system with a power supply. They can also be a compact data acquisition system, requiring a connection to a notebook and a power supply for operation.

The system uses National Instruments data acquisition hardware and LabVIEW software, and can be operated locally, using the front panel controls, or remotely by another computer via an Ethernet LAN connection.

The application possibilities for FNT systems are extensive, such as EGSE, Portable Data Logger, Automated Test System, Portable Test Bench, Remote Monitoring System, and others.

Set up your test system to support equipment and machines in the field, get to know Omega7 Systems’ FNTs.