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Integrated Test Systems

Two models of AdvintRIO / AdvintDAQ testers are offered, Badger and Puma.

These are COTS-based, open-architecture, scalable systems that provide factory functional testing and data acquisition of a wide variety of digital, analog, optical, electromechanical and RF avionics and electronics. Our systems are employed by all branches of the US military, the Department of Homeland Security, as well as numerous contractors / OEMs to provide organizational, intermediate and depot maintenance support to the military. Our systems also provide data acquisition and factory testing for government and commercial customers. The testers are highly reliable and offer high performance at a very economical price.

AdvintRIO, AdvintDAQ and Cub use NI’s CompactRIO (cRIO), Single Board RIO (sbRIO) and/or CompactDAQ (cDAQ) equipment. These systems offer high-speed, flexible data acquisition and control in a rugged, IP67 environmentally-rated package.

These platforms are ideal for aerospace, defense, automotive, off-highway vehicle, energy, oil and gas, machine condition monitoring, field service and other industrial applications.

Our PXI-based system (Puma) employs a 19-inch rack-mount structure that contains 3U PXI and SCXI chassis and state-of-the-art COTS instrumentation controlled by industry-leading software. They come complete with power distribution, power conditioning / UPS / battery backup, unit under test (UUT) power supplies, system cooling and UUT isolation. In addition, our testers can be supplied with custom I/O, including MacPanel or Virginia Panel mass interconnect ITAs or custom terminal and block I/O to provide a reliable, high-density compact interface to the UUT.

Advint also offers a comprehensive self-test and field calibration capability. Our testers can be customized with other instrumentation, unique fixture and test program applications to meet the specific needs of customer-specific test requirements that are traceable to NIST.

Robust portable tester that can be deployed in the field.



Technical features


State-of-the-art COTS hardware

  • Industrial flat panel display
  • Technical features
    • State-of-the-art COTS hardware
    • Industrial flat panel display
    • Hardware based on PXI / SCXI
    • 18-slot SCXI chassis with PXI / 4 slots
    • Built-in 1.2 GHz controller
    • 4-axis Motion Controller / Simulation
    • 8-port RS-232 serial module
    • 4-port RS-485 serial module
    • 48-bit isolated digital I/O
    • Reconfigurable multi-function I/O FPGA module
    • 5 ½ digit DMM
    • 200 MHz 2-channel Scope / Digitizer
    • Multifunctional Data Acquisition (DAQ)
    • 8-channel analog input module
    • 6-channel analog output module
    • General purpose switching
    • RF Suite (optional)
  • GPS and temperature / humidity sensors
  • UUT power supplies
  • UPS power pack (optional)
    • Allows the operation of generators or any international power standard
  • System interface
    • MACPanel L2000 or Virginia Panel Gemini 90 Series
    • 15-slot receiver
    • Compact / lightweight ITAs

Industry leading software

  • LabWindows / CVI
  • LabVIEW
  • IVI instrument drivers
  • TestStand
  • Executivo de calibração
  • Switch Executive
  • Basic look
  • SQL database
  • Optional ATML / XML descriptions and test results

Fully automated system self-test

  • Provides comprehensive tester operational warranty verification

Field calibration via NIST-traceable standards

  • Allows the system to be calibrated on the spot

GUIs for direct instrument control

  • Allows manual operation for debugging, troubleshooting and repair activities
  • Eliminates the need for general purpose test equipment (GPTE)

Open Architecture

  • Easy and economical insertion of technology
  • Customization to meet other testing requirements




Perfect for portable data acquisition needs!

Badger systems use NI’s CompactRIO (cRIO), Single Board RIO (sBRIO) and/or CompactDAQ (cDAQ) devices.

The Badger product line offers high-speed data acquisition and control and flexibility in an industrial package. The Badger chassis and instrumentation are capable of withstanding shocks of 50g and an operating temperature between -40 and 70 °C. These systems are ideal for automotive applications, industrial automation, remote monitoring, field service and advanced control.

Badger RIO

Badger RIO employs a cRIO / sbRIO system consisting of an embedded controller, chassis (or single RIO board) and NI C Series I/O modules. Badger RIO systems do not rely on a separate host computer, offering Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Badger RIO provides a powerful real-time controller with a high-capacity internal data bus, including high-performance FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). They provide autonomous embedded execution for deterministic applications in LabVIEW Real-Time. These controllers are designed for extreme robustness, reliability and low power consumption. The heart of Badger RIO systems is the reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA core. The RIO core has an individual connection for each I/O module and is programmed using easy-to-use elementary I/O functions to read or write signal information from each module.


Badger DAQ

Badger’s DAQ employs a CompactDAQ system consisting of a chassis, NI C Series I/O modules that must be connected to a Windows host computer via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. These systems provide an easy, flexible and expandable platform to meet the I/O expansion needs of any portable data acquisition system. They control timing, acquisition synchronization and data transfer between a host computer and up to eight C Series I/O modules. A single Badger can manage multiple timing engines to perform up to seven separate hardware-timed I/O tasks at different sampling rates on the same system.


Technical features

  • Compact, robust and mobile
  • Turn-key, autonomous and independent
    • USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Embedded or PC-dependent controller
    • HMI touch panel or keypad control
    • Industrial Remote Connectivity
      • Monitor the system in the field
      • Allows software updates in the field
    • Radiation or fan-forced cooling
    • Power distribution
  • Direct deployment from factory to field
    • Customizable protection
    • Easy transportation
  • NI cRIO / sbRIO / cDAQ chassis and instrumentation
    • Uses National Instruments C Series modules
    • Choose from over 50 specific measurement cards
      • Analog input
      • Analog output
      • Digital I/O
      • Serial data buses (RS-232, RS-485, CAN and LIN)
      • Relays
  • Customized I/O interface
    • Mass interconnection from Virginia panel or MacPanel
    • Simple connectors
    • Terminal blocks
  • Multiple input support
    • Temperature / Humidity
    • Thermocouples
    • RTDs
    • Transducers
    • Pressure
    • Frequency
    • 4-20 mA sensor input
    • Smart sensor support (TEDS)
  • Open and scalable architecture
    • Triggered acquisition and synchronization of distributed nodes
    • Programmable in NI LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, and LabVIEW FPGA
    • NI-DAQmx driver software