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Normative Embedded Systems

Developing solutions and products

Omega7 Systems develops solutions for embedded systems.

We provide support from product conception to validation and acceptance.

Embedded Systems Development

Omega7 Systems is highly qualified and experienced in the development of standardized embedded systems, which means that throughout the product development cycle, standards have been followed to deliver the system with the required quality and the ability to be approved by regulatory bodies in the area of application.

Both the project and the product are of great importance in the development of these systems, in order to guarantee quality. Processes, tools and people must play their correct role, covering different development actions, verification and validation of the system and documentation.

With several success stories in embedded systems development, we are able to support a project from conception to acceptance and approval of the developed product.

We carry out everything from complete embedded systems projects, delivering the finished system, to one-off consultancy in Systems Engineering and Software Engineering.

Some of the technologies already used in projects:

Microcontrollers: ARM, Microchip, MIPS, DSPs and x86

Development environments: QtCreator, Keil, LPCXpresso, Eclipse, among others

Operating systems for embedded systems: Linux (Yocto, OpenEmbedded, “From scratch”), uC and RTX

Real-time operating systems: MQX, QNX, RTEMS, freeRTOS, Linux RT

Programming languages for embedded systems: C ANSI, C++ ANSI, C++ Qt, Assembly, among others


Omega7 Systems develops customized hardware and firmware to meet the needs of systems that require customized electronic boards.

Development of electronic systems and firmware to complement industrial systems and products being developed.

We program software from “bare metal” directly in C ANSI, as well as on operating systems running on high-capacity microcontrollers.

The use of electronic boards in customized projects removes complexity from the product and allows updates as the system evolves at different stages, bringing gains in cost, time and flexibility.

RTOS - Real Time Operating Systems

Omega7 Systems has a highly skilled team in embedded software development.

We develop embedded software solutions for areas with stringent system quality requirements, including reliability, availability, safety and security, and others.

The company has extensive experience in the use of real-time operating systems, being able to develop systems with determinism of their critical tasks.

A real-time operating system requires not only the use of an RTOS, but also the correct design of the architecture and compliance with the defined scheduling of the tasks in the project, with the programming of these tasks being a point of great attention in order to meet the requirements of time and worst path. In addition, failure modes become important during operation, and the correct design of these modes guarantees that all quality requirements are met.

IoT systems and devices

With its embedded systems development capabilities, Omega7 Systems develops IoT and IIoT systems for application as Smart Sensors or complete systems for operation in the field, outdoors or in protected environments.

We customize embedded computers to meet the input and output needs of specific applications and encapsulate the embedded computers with protections that make them compatible with different IP protection ratings.

We support you from the design of the remote system to the deployment and commissioning in which the IoT device is integrated.