Breaking limits

We design systems to break human and organizational boundaries

Critical Embedded Systems

We are specialists in developing critical embedded systems, meeting reliability and business requirements toward meeting project objectives

Industrial Automation

We design automation systems for Industry 4.0, integrating digital technologies into production processes

Industrial Test Systems

We deliver test systems for test automation in industry, laboratories and field operations

Hardware-in-the-loop systems

We design and implement hardware-in-the-loop systems for testing dynamic systems

Custom Solutions

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Industrial Devices

Omega7 Systems is an integrator and distributor of industrial equipment for Industry 4.0.

We offer a range of solutions to suit every type of industry, from easy to deploy and operate, to those with adverse environments and need robust solutions.

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Ruggedized Systems

Computing platforms for critical processes demanding high reliability. The platforms provide high environmental protection and processing capacity.

  • Data Acquisition and Process Control Platforms
  • Functional test systems for field support and maintenance

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Smart Monitor: Machine Condition Monitoring System

Solution for Industry 4.0,  Smart Monitor supports two major goals:

  • Maintenance Management
  • Production management

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Consulting and Training in Embedded Systems Development

Design and development of Embedded Systems are activities that demand specialization and experience.

Make a leap of knowledge for your team with online and on-site consulting and training from Omega7 Systems.

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