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About Omega7 Systems

Omega7 Systems was born in 2012 from the union of engineering professionals with vast experience in critical systems projects, who believe that the continuous advancement of engineering is at the service of excellence and the fulfillment of people and institutions.

Currently made up of a team of professionals motivated to provide excellent solutions, with a commitment to technical excellence and accountability for results, Omega7 Systems meets demands that mainly require the ability to deal with complexity and a systemic and integrative approach.

We work mainly in industrial areas that require systems with high reliability, safety and other dependability characteristics, such as Aeronautics, Space, Automotive, Medical, Oil and Gas, and Energy. All of these areas have standards that guide the development of projects and need to be met in order for systems to be accepted and approved.

With its headquarters in one of the country’s most technologically developed cities, São José dos Campos, we serve the Brazilian and South American markets by delivering Embedded Systems and Industrial Automation projects, from planning, execution and post-delivery, balancing the solution while respecting the needs and constraints involved in each project.

Omega7 Systems is an official partner of National Instruments, an American data acquisition and automation company, and is a systems integrator and developer of solutions using its technologies.

Omega7 Systems is associated with the IT Local Productive Arrangement of the São José dos Campos Technology Park, integrating itself into this ecosystem of companies providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

We are also distributors and integrators of systems and equipment from international brands with differentiated solutions, which allow us to deliver value in unique ways to meet the demands of industry, with excellent cost-benefit.


Distribution and integration of systems and equipment:


Omega7 Systems is located in the UNIVAP Technology Park, on the UNIVAP Urbanova campus in São José dos Campos.