Crie seu próprio script

The KUNBUS-Scripter is an optional configuration tool for our KUNBUS IC and KUNBUS-COM Modules. This feature can, of course, be integrated into our customized solutions on request

1. Script interpreter

The script interpreter allows user data to be simply moved into any protocol via a serial interface. Using the script commands, data can be read from the Fieldbus registers, collected into a specific protocol package and sent to the sensor or actuator. Checksums are calculated using special commands and attached to the data package. The data can be extricated from the reply packages, filed in registers and then transmitted via the fieldbus. There is an exceptional procedure to deal with any protocol errors which may occur.

2. Protocol Builder

The “Protocol Builder” allows straightforward issuing of a script which consists of the following main components:

ProtocolBuilder Script Wizard
Using Script Wizard, communication processes can be created with the help of tables and with no previous programming knowledge. There are predefined templates for Query-Response-Processes for different protocols. In addition, new templates may be created, from which the actual Script is thus generated. With one click the Script can be produced and loaded onto the module. The Tracefunction (error protocol) will be graphically displayed. In this way the Script can easily be monitored to ascertain if it is functioning accordingly and which values are being transmitted.

ProtocolBuilder Editor
The Editor is a text editor with syntax highlighting and auto-completion. All available sets of commands and any number of serial protocols can be implemented. By using the integrated compiler the script can be translated at the press of a button and consequently transmitted to the module.

ProtocollBuilder Trace
In addition, the Editor offers a trace mode which searches for errors. In this mode variable values are continuously loaded and displayed in a column next to the script source code. It is thereby possible to follow the course of the script and detect any errors which may occur.